Last Chance to Enter: Annual Meeting T-Shirt Design Contest!

The Teratology Society, Developmental Neurotoxicology Society (DNTS), and Organization of Teratology Information Specialists (OTIS) are sponsoring a t-shirt design contest to commemorate the Societies’ 2017 annual meetings. The t-shirt will have the three Societies' names on the front of the shirt, with a larger graphic design on the back. We are accepting submissions for this back graphic from members of all three Societies. Only one design submission per person will be allowed. These t-shirts will then be sold at the annual meeting as a fundraiser. 

Design considerations and rules are as follows:

  1. The design will be on the back of a non-white t-shirt (most likely dark grey) and should fit into an approximately 8” × 10” space. Please note that the design must fit into this area but not necessarily cover the entire area.
  2. The graphic should be specific to the meeting and the general themes of the Societies, including the location and dates of the meeting.
  3. The design can include from 1 to 3 colors. Please keep in mind that the more colors used, the more expensive the shirts will be to print.
  4. Please submit all entries in .tif or .jpg formats to Dr. Gale Richardson ( by May 8th.
  5. Designs will be judged on: relevance to the Societies’ missions; applicability to the 2017 meeting location; creativity; and feasibility of printing, so please keep these factors in mind when designing your graphic.
  6. The ad hoc t-shirt committee, composed of 2 members from each of the three Societies, will select a winner, who will receive a $50 Amazon gift card (generously donated by Dr. Devon Graham).

The t-shirt committee will coordinate the printing of the shirts and their delivery to the 2017 venue. The t-shirts will be sold as a fundraiser (price to be determined based on cost). Net revenue generated by t-shirt sales will be shared by the three Societies to help offset meeting costs. Once the winning design is chosen, a pre-order form will be available to all members. A small quantity of shirts will also be available for sale at the meeting.

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