Edith Marie McKenzie to receive Edward W. Carney Trainee Award

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Congratulations to Edith Marie McKenzie, recipient of the Edward W. Carney Trainee Award!

The Edward W. Carney Award is a joint award of the Teratology Society and the Society of Toxicology Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology Specialty Section. It is supported by the Edward W. Carney Trainee Award Fund which is housed within the Society of Toxicology Endowment and provides travel assistance for graduate students/postdoctoral scholars to meetings that offer significant educational opportunities in the field of reproductive and developmental toxicology, including the Teratology Society and the Society of Toxicology.

McKenzie began working in pediatrics shortly after she completed her training in Occupational and Physical Therapy. Through her education and training, and while treating children of various diagnoses, McKenzie realized it was critical to address prevention of gestational events that were causing lifelong disabilities. As such, McKenzie is currently getting her PhD in Toxicology at the University of Georgia where she is also a Graduate Research Assistant.

McKenzie will be attending this year’s Teratology Society Annual Meeting, where she is looking forward to the Wiley-Blackwell Symposium on Developmental Metabolism: Consequences to and from Neural Lineages. She is an active member of the Society year round and considers it her “professional home.” She adds that she has “been rewarded many times over by the support received from the experienced members and students alike.”   While the Society has allowed her to expand her network with other students studying developmental and reproductive toxicology, McKenzie is motivated by the support she has received from her mentor, Dr. Mary Alice Smith, Teratology Society Past President. In addition, McKenzie says she is moved by the fact that “everyone is supporting the collective goal of healthy babies.”

McKenzie will be presented with her Award at Teratology Society Annual Meeting in Denver, CO, June-24-28, 2017.

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