Birth Defects Research Volume 112, Issue 8, Pages 569-639

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Research Article

Two‐generation reproduction and limited teratology studies of ethanamizuril fed to rats

Juan Zhao, Mi Wang, Xiaoyang Wang, Chenzhong Fei, Feiqun Xue, Lifang Zhang, Zhaoxiong Wang, Keyu Zhang

First Published: 02 April 2020

Review Article

The role of teratogens in neural crest development

Santiago Cerrizuela, Guillermo A. Vega‐Lopez, Manuel J. Aybar

First Published: 11 January 2020

Research Article

5‐year experience of a tertiary center in major congenital abnormalities in singleton pregnancies

Sinan Beksac, Erdem Fadiloglu, Canan Unal, Sibel Cetiner, Atakan Tanacan

First Published: 11 January 2020

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