Birth Defects Research Volume 112, Issue 10, Pages 699-765 - Special Issue on Rasopathies


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Introduction to the special issue on “RASopathies : Misregulation of signaling"

Michiko Watanabe

First Published: 18 June 2020

Research Article

GTP hydrolysis is modulated by Arg34 in the RASopathy‐associated KRASP34R

Asim K. Bera, Jia Lu, Chunya Lu, Lianbo Li, Sudershan Gondi, Wei Yan, Andrew Nelson, Goujun Zhang, Kenneth D. Westover

First Published: 18 March 2020

Review Article

Noonan syndrome on the African Continent

Cedrik Tekendo‐Ngongang, Paul Kruszka

First Published: 18 June 2020

Research Article

Atypical cardiac defects in patients with RASopathies: Updated data on CARNET study

Giulio Calcagni, Giulia Gagliostro, Giuseppe Limongelli, Marta Unolt, Enrica De Luca, Maria C. Digilio, Anwar Baban, Sonia B. Albanese, Giovanni B. Ferrero, Giuseppina Baldassarre, Gabriella Agnoletti, Elena Banaudi, Jan Marek, Juan P. Kaski, Giulia Tuo, Maurizio Marasini, Francesca Cairello, Andrea Madrigali, Giuseppe Pacileo, Maria G. Russo, Ornella Milanesi, Roberto Formigari, Maurizio Brighenti, Luca Ragni, Andrea Donti, Fabrizio Drago, Bruno Dallapiccola, Marco Tartaglia, Bruno Marino, Paolo Versacci

First Published: 18 June 2020

Brief Report

Noonan syndrome with multiple Giant cell lesions, management and treatment with surgery and interferon alpha‐2a therapy: Case report

Fernando Adrián Rodríguez, Loreto Castellón, Regina Moreno, Eduardo Paez, Mariana Inés Aracena Álvarez 

First Published: 17 February 2020

Research Article

Compound craniosynostosis, intellectual disability, and Noonan‐like facial dysmorphism associated with 7q32.3‐q35 deletion

Ewelina Bukowska‐Olech, Monika Dmitrzak‐Węglarz, Dawid Larysz, Bartosz Wojciechowicz, Dorota Simon, Joanna Walczak‐Sztulpa, Aleksander Jamsheer

First Published: 11 June 2020

Review Article

Swimming toward solutions: Using fish and frogs as models for understanding RASopathies

Victoria L. Patterson, Rebecca D. Burdine

First Published: 07 June 2020

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Birth Defects Research Volume 112, Issue 10, Pages 699-765 - Special Issue on Rasopathies