Birth Defects Research Volume 113, Issue 15, Pages 1099-1165

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Why does second trimester demise of a monochorionic twin not result in acardiac twinning?

Martin J. C. van Gemert, Cees W. M. van der Geld, Michael G. Ross, Peter G. J. Nikkels, and Jeroen P. H. M. van den Wijngaard

Published online 17 May 2021


Nongenetic risk factors for infantile cataracts: Systematic review of observational studies

Marine Nalbandyan, Eleni A. Papadopoulos, Emily Leckman‐Westin, and Marilyn L. Browne

Published online 5 May 2021

The effects of in ovo administered bisphenol A on tibial growth plate histology in chicken

Yasemin Öznurlu, Tuğba Özaydın, Emrah Sur, and Haluk Özparlak

Published online 15 May 2021

Effect of buscopan, a compound that alleviates cramps, on the developing nervous system of the

chick embryo

Ayşe Ertekin, Emre Atay, Erhan Bozkurt, and Esra Aslan

Published online 29 May 2021


A teratology information system in vernacular: Closing an information gap

Erika Patskun, Lyubov Yevtushok, Nataliia Zymak‐Zakutnia, Serhiy Lapchenko, Diana Akhmedzhanova, and Wladimir Wertelecki

Published online 24 April 2021


Exposure to alirocumab during the first trimester of pregnancy: A case report

Yann Vuignier, Floriane Beaud, Christophe Kosinski, Alice Panchaud, Sébastien Lebon, David Baud, Sébastien Kissling, and Tinh‐Hai Collet

Published online 8 June 2021

The first case of mosaic MNX1 mutation in an adult female with features of Currarino syndrome

Ferruccio Romano, Patrizia De Marco, Marzia Ognibene, Marco Di Duca, Simona Baldassari, Marco Pavanello, Gianluca Piatelli, Federico Zara, and Valeria Capra

Published online 22 June 2021

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