Congratulations New Officers and Announcing New Society Name

The Teratology Society 2019 ballot results are in!

Six outstanding candidates ran for three open positions on Council. I am pleased to announce the results:

  • Vice President-Elect: Susan Makris
  • Treasurer: Pragati Coder
  • Councilor: Nicole Kleinstreuer

Please join me in congratulating our new Officers. I also wish to extend a heartfelt thank you to Carl Keen, Chris Stodgell, and Russell Kirby. We are very grateful for their hard work on behalf of our Society and their willingness to run for elected office. We look forward to their continued involvement and leadership in the Society. 

Another significant outcome of this year’s ballot is that all proposed changes to the Constitution and Bylaws, including a name change for our scientific society, were passed. After the annual meeting next month in San Diego, we will transition from being named the Teratology Society to being named the Society for Birth Defects Research and Prevention. We thank you in advance for your patience as we methodically work through this process over the next several months. For newer members who may not have been aware that a name change was being considered for the Society, you may be interested in reading the discussion of this ballot item which can be downloaded here.

Thank you to all voting members who took the time to review the ballot materials and cast their votes this year. Thank you also to the volunteers on our Nominations and Elections Committee, chaired by Christina Chambers, and Constitution and Bylaws Committee, chaired by Wafa Harrouk, for their important work contributing to this year’s ballot and to all those members who participated in the Society name change discussion and process over the past two years.

With warm regards,

Dana L. Shuey, PhD, DABT



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