Welcome to the Student & Postdoc Corner! 

The Teratology Society provides an excellent medium for students and investigators to network together, ask questions, develop critical thinking, and broaden research skills in this fascinating field. Participating in the Teratology Society, giving a talk or presenting a poster, going to lectures, and inquiring about other investigators' research provides an excellent basis to understanding what it takes to make a mark in the field. Being engaged not only develops research skills but also contributes to personal growth with the goal of becoming a well-rounded individual, skillfully and socially.  

Get Involved!

How to Become a Member

It's easy to apply! Complete the application online.

 Benefits of Becoming a Student Member

  • Access to online login services such as job and postdoc postings, networking tips, member database available only to members
  • Student awards
  • Reduced membership fee
  • Learn new skills
  • Meet students and investigators in your field of research
  • Can join Teratology Society committees
  • Membership looks good on the resume

Ways to Participate in Teratology Society Committees

Students interested in making an impact on the Society’s current status and future direction may become members of committees. The Society believes that injection of student opinion and information is essential to their overall growth and success and therefore is very welcoming and receptive to student members.

The following is a list of committees for you to consider serving: